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Create a Volunteer Opportunity With Tasks & Shifts

  1. Open CivicRush through the web app
  2. Click +Create in the top right corner
  3. Under VOlunteer Opportunity, click Create Post
  4. Enter all the required information (Title, Details, Location, Date, Volunteers Needed, Categories, Media)
  5. Under Tasks and Shifts, click Manage Tasks and Shifts
  6. Enter the Task Title, Task Leaders, the shift start and end time, and the number of volunteers needed
  7. To add more tasks, click the + button
  8. Once you have added your tasks, click Done to save
  9. When you’re ready to share, click Publish

Note: The total number of volunteers for all shifts must add up to the total number of Volunteers Needed.


Sign Up for a Task and Shift
  1. Select a volunteer opportunity to sign up for
  2. Tap Volunteer Sign Up on the top tab
  3. Tap Select Tasks and Shifts
  4. Select the task(s) you would like to participate in